Friday, February 04, 2011

Theme Dinners - Season 2

At the beginning of November 2010, we ended Season 1 (as I have come to call it) of our Wednesday Night Dinners - breaking for the holidays until January.

Before I describe the Dinners from Season 2 that we have had, let's recap the themes from Season 1.
Episode 1 - Cold Food
Episode 2 - Vegetarian
Episode 3 - A Dish That Rhymes with the Name of a New Orleans Saints Player
Episode 4 - Idioms
Episode 5 - A Dish That Reminds You of Your Fantasy Place To Live
Episode 6 - Three Themes Together: An Appetizer, That Rhymes With The Name of a Celebrity, On A Stick

Here's my slide show with Season 1's pictures:

We awarded first, second, and third place - based on votes - but I didn't keep track of the winners. I will this Season.


Our Dinners resumed on Wednesday, January 12 with the theme Healthy Food. (After the gluttony of the holidays, we thought that was fitting.) Here are the top dishes so far this Season:

Episode 1 - Healthy Food
First Place: Curt's French Onion Soup
Second Place: Angela's St. Charles Avenue 12-Hour Egg Salad
Third Place: Marshall's Chicken, Feta, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Spinach Wraps

Episode 2 - Dish That Reminds You of The Name of a Favorite Movie
First Place: Jason S.'s Potatoes au Grey Gardens (Movie: Grey Gardens)
Second Place: Julie's Moon Pie Banana Stars (Movie: Moon)
Third Place: Debbie and Bart's Wine Sampling (Movie: Sideways)

Come Up Next (on February 9): Episode 3 - In Honor of Valentine's Day, The Dish You Love The Most

Until then, Bon Appétit!

Car Issues

Last Saturday, I had my traditional every four month screwing at Speedy Oil Change. ("You see how dirty your air filter is? You really should have that replaced." "For a car with your mileage, you really should get the high mileage oil change - for an additional $20.")

They also said that I had a crack in my radiator. I trust Speedy to change my windshield wiper blades, but not to diagnose major issues. I have noticed that steam (steam, not smoke) has been coming out from under my hood for the past six weeks. As with most car issues, I figured that if I ignored it, it would go away.

This morning, I brought my car to The Radiator Shop on Jefferson Hwy, telling them only that "I think there's something wrong with my radiator". Sure enough, I have a crack across the top of my radiator. Todd, the owner, told me that it would be about five hours - and then offered me a ride home. Assuming the actual repair works out, I highly recommend The Radiator Shop. (I am also going to review them on my Poynt iPhone app.)