Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Next Mayor?

Though I have lived in Jefferson Parish for almost 10 years, I was born and raised in Orleans Parish. (That is, New Orleans for those of you out of town.)

After two terms of hell with Mayor Ray Nagin, the next mayoral election is wide open.

So far, I'm liking James Perry. I have no idea where he stands on the issues, but there is profanity in his commercial. That's funny.

Here is the commercial...


As I research the other candidates, I'll make a recommendation.

Another Flash Mob

Remember this video - "the Sound of Music in Central Station", originally posted by Jason?

Apparently, the action has a name - Flash Mob - and it's spreading even to Australia:

I found the video on Australian blogger Shannon's site, one of my daily reads (more for his Speedo pics than his commentary).