Friday, July 10, 2009

Mike Kripke's Basement

Back in 2003 or so, my friend Vincent created the graphic idea DRAMA QUEEN. [Sorry. No visuals. Maybe Vin can send for future posting.]

He posted it on Cafe Press.(Vincent's Cafepress store.) And sold some items with that logo - until Dairy Queen's lawyers sent him a letter. (Seriously. I saw the letter.)

I have been working on a few Cafe Press idea of my own. My store and first idea is here.

(Google the phrase if you don't know it.)

Buy my stuff!

More ideas to come soon.

Guilty Pleasure III: Panic at the Disco

I'm probably the only 42-year-old guy who is actually following this story, but I really enjoyed their first CD.


NEW YORK (Billboard) - Panic at the Disco guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist Jon Walker are leaving the band "to embark on a musical excursion of their own," they announced Monday.

"Though the four of us have made music together in the past, we've creatively evolved in different directions which has compromised what each of us want to personally achieve," Ross and Walker wrote in a post on the band's website. "Over the years, we have remained close and honest with each other, which helped us to realize that our goals were different and that parting ways is truly what is best for each of us. We are all excited for the future, you should be too."

The post confirmed that drummer Spencer Smith, who founded the rock band with Ross in 2004, and frontman Brendon Urie will continue as Panic at the Disco. It also said that all touring and album plans for Panic will continue as previously announced.

Panic at the Disco is scheduled to open for No Doubt on August 8 in San Diego, and has U.S. dates with Blink-182 planned throughout August.

The band had been writing on tour last fall with hopes of releasing their third album sometime this year.


Here is the band covering The Band's "The Weight":

I saw them cover that song on the Sundance Channel's show "Live from Abbey Road". Go here for another post about that TV show.


Here is the live version of one of my favorites of theirs, "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off":


And just because the video for that song is so inventive, here it is:

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Magic Beans

Carlos gently "admonishes" me every time I buy more magic beans - one of the latest being a framed movie poster from the movie Donnie Darko.

I think I'm in the clear for awhile. He told me a few days ago that he spent $53.00 on a Wimbledon beach towel, including the extra $5.00 to have it monogrammed.