Friday, October 09, 2009

The Week In Food

From an idea at my friends Steve and Sheree's blog - otherwise known as He Said / She Said NOLA.

Disclaimer: I am in no way mocking them. This is merely a compare and contrast of the way he and his wife eat to how Carlos and I eat. Carlos wanted me to stress that.

Saturday Dinner: I had a bag of popcorn and a bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal. When Carlos came over, we each had a big ole slice of Julie’s cake.

Sunday Dinner: Pat - from work - gave me three bell peppers (one each red, green and yellow) from her garden. I cooked some meat sauce, onions, the bell peppers, lots of different seasonings, mushrooms and green onions – and ate it over pasta. Later in the evening, I had five pieces of cheesecake.

Monday Dinner: We had our Monthly Family Dinner at my parent’s house tonight. My mom made a salad – mimicking Carlos’s salad from last Wednesday’s Cooking Challenge, Shrimp Creole, and Jello for dessert.

Tuesday Dinner: In this order – three pieces of cheese cake (finishing off the cake, started with the 5 pieces on Sunday), a small piece of salmon (baked with some lemon juice on top), lima beans, and garlic bread.

Wednesday Dinner:
Before Carlos came over, I had a plate of leftover Pasta and Meat Sauce (from Sunday’s dinner). Carlos arrived hungry so we split a Tony’s Frozen Pizza – the bottom rung of frozen pizza.

Thursday Dinner:
I cooked up some Stove Top Stuffing, adding cut up sausage. It’s one of my favorite quick meals. (Carlos is off at his parent’s house tonight.)

Friday Dinner: I had four Coors Lights and a bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal.

Damn, I eat like shit. It never bothered me until a full week’s worth of dinners was laid out in front of me.

I think I would be much more motivated to eat better – and to cook more elaborate meals – if I weren’t cooking for just one. Carlos comes over the majority of the nights, but usually after dinner.

I’ll revisit this subject in a couple of months. We’ll see what I can change in the meantime.

Uh, Bon Appétit?

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cooking Challenge - Week Seven and Week Eight

Carlos predicted that I could host our Cooking Challenge until December. I made it until the end of September.

For now at least, I am burnt out on the idea. We will definitely revisit it in the future. Both Carlos and my dad have requested that we continue - in some frequency, if not once a week.

Week Seven was a greatest hits package: Carlos made his Cabrese Salad, while I revisited a Pasta with Shrimp and Sun Dried Tomatoes dish that I've made in the past for our monthly family dinners. (The first Monday of each month, my mom, dad, sister Christine, her girlfriend Karlie, Carlos and I get together for dinner, rotating houses.)

We had our friends over - the same crowd as Week Six minus Jason K. plus Debbie and Bart.


I could tell that Week Eight was going to be the last week for awhile when I decided to serve Jambalaya - from a box of Zatarain's mix instead of from scratch. Carlos served a simple salad of baby spinach, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, nuts, and cranberries. Odd sounding but very tasty.

Jason S. brought the same delicious bread he had brought before. Debbie brought a dessert. Julie brought a huge home-made cake! We only ate about 1/4 of it Wednesday night. Carlos and I are still working our way through it.

Jason K. and Bart were unable to attend.

The last addition was my mom. (I invited my dad too, but he was out of town.) As Carlos describes her, "She's a character." I'll do a separate post one day soon with some stories about her.


The Cooking Challenge nights are on pause for now. We hope to start them up again, maybe in January.

I still want to tackle French and German food. I'd like to have my dad attend one of these. I'd like to have Christine and Karlie in the mix with our friends.

Until then, Bon Appétit!