Friday, November 12, 2010

Punching The Clock

At work, we have a new time clock system, mandated by the university.

There are five people in my office. Three of us are salaried and are unaffected; the other two are hourly. Even though I am the Manager of our office - but AS I HAVE SAID OVER AND OVER TO THE HOURLY PEEPS NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU BITCH TO ME - I have no control or affect on the new system.

Today, we had an Office Meeting. I said:

You can complain and complain all you want about this new system. I will always listen to you. I will never get defensive.

This is not my system. I am merely telling you the details that I hear from my superiors. Whatever questions I cannot answer, I will ask upward - no matter how much resistance I get.

[The upper up bosses are "tired" and "frustrated" of questions about the new system and want them to stop. I plan on asking questions as long as I want to.]

Remember this though: This new system is not going away. Whether you like it or not, long term, you WILL be judged by how you react to this obstacle.

Character comes from how well you work with adversity. Grow and learn from this experience.

Will you adapt? Will you fight it? Will you quit? It is your call. I will back any decision you make.

Dead Pool

Remember the 1988 Clint Eastwood movie The Dead Pool? I haven't actually seen it, but I can relate to it. I keep track of celebrities who have died.

Some days when Carlos and I talk after work, I open the conversation with, "Guess who died today." (Carlos, who keeps up with pop culture as much as I do, usually knows the answer.)

I subscribe to the newsletter for the website Who's Alive and Who's Dead - including daily bulletins for very famous people.

I receive the daily and weekly posts from the associated Yahoo Group.

CNN sends me daily bulletins.

All so that I can know information like Jill Clayburgh's death was announced yesterday.

I have never played the game The Dead Pool, but I may play this year. Once I have my list - and after I post it to The Dead Pool - I'll post it here.

New Discovery: Antony Hegarty

I have had "Antony Hegarty" listed on my New Discovery list for almost two years - so I guess I can't call him a New Discovery.

Flipping through the channels one evening, I came across a tribute concert to Leonard Cohen. I was half paying attention until this astonishing voice came on. This is what I saw. Unfortunately, "embedding disabled by request".

I stopped in my tracks and watched with my mouth agape for the entire time. What an incredible voice.

Antony (and his band The Johnsons) made their US network television debut on Late Night with David Letterman:

They have also appeared on one of my current favorite shows, Sundance Channel's Live from Abbey Road.

Here is Antony Hegarty's Wikipedia page.

Mahna Mahna and other songs

Earlier this week, Carlos and I were playing songs for each other with the challenge, "Try getting this out of your head". Here are our top picks...

Mahna Mahna and the Snowths from The Muppet Show

If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked A Cake - Eileen Barton

A Bushel and A Peck - Doris Day

What songs can you think of?