Sunday, November 18, 2007

Typical Saturday Night

Carlos and I get along really well, and always have. We have never had a fight in the six plus years we've been dating.

I feel the main reason is because we are very similar - first children with younger sisters very close in age to us, Catholic upbringing, parents still married, and on and on.

In addition though, we celebrate the differences, instead of having them come between us.

Last night was a typical Saturday night for us. We sat around my house, watching TV, reading. After a night out Friday night at Vincent's going away party, it was a welcome rest for both of us. How we approached the night highlights our differences.

I had DVR'ed a two and a half hour Led Zeppelin concert from VH1 Classic and wanted to watch it with Carlos. He is always very patient with me when I go into my Music School mode: "Did you know that this Led Zeppelin song is a remake of an old blues song by Sonny Boy Williamson? Let me play it for you.", "Did you know that this song is from the first Zeppelin album that was released after Rober Plant's son Karac died? Let me show you a picture of him.", "The live version of this song has to be between 1975 and 1977. The album came out in 1975. Zeppelin never played the song in concert after 1977. They were superstitious in that they thought the song may have been a bad omen after Karac's death." (Click the links for the answers.)

Meanwhile, Carlos was reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austin.

Viva la difference!

To close, here is a Zeppelin cover band doing a great cover of a great song from Physical Grafitti.