Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy (Alien) Easter, Everyone!

Speaking of - the Alien movies, not Easter - have you seen the latest Prometheus trailer?

Aunt Barbara

My Aunt Barbara died late last night. Brain Cancer.

A month or so ago, she was moved to my cousin David and his wife Becki's house. David and Becki left for Monroe yesterday afternoon, for a short Easter vacation. My cousin Paul and his wife Sarah took over the vigil over Barbara.

Email at 5:08 am this morning from Paul:
Mom has passed. Thank you to everyone. I'm so proud to belong to this family. I'm just so grateful of how this tragedy was met.

Email at 5:34 am this morning from Paul:
P.S. You may want to think twice before asking Sarah and I to baby-parent sit. Obviously we are not very good at it.

Our family is great a laughing through the tears.


Posted by my sister Claudia on Facebook last night:


Let me take all this in and I may post more about it later.