Friday, July 10, 2009

Mike Kripke's Basement

Back in 2003 or so, my friend Vincent created the graphic idea DRAMA QUEEN. [Sorry. No visuals. Maybe Vin can send for future posting.]

He posted it on Cafe Press.(Vincent's Cafepress store.) And sold some items with that logo - until Dairy Queen's lawyers sent him a letter. (Seriously. I saw the letter.)

I have been working on a few Cafe Press idea of my own. My store and first idea is here.

(Google the phrase if you don't know it.)

Buy my stuff!

More ideas to come soon.


Breezy said...

Wow! What an entrepreneur! That's my B.

jason said...

how cool!

Good luck!

(and needless to say, that was far too arcane for me.....but I did google it and feel good that I've learned something for the day. Thanks.
I feel I owe you at least a quarter for that, ok, maybe a nickel :)