Friday, September 17, 2010

Theme Dinners - Season 1, Week 3

This past Wednesday we had our Wednesday Night Dinners III.

What started in Week I as a "let's get together...and bring Cold Food (our theme) because it's so damn hot outside" has turned into -

Week III Theme: Food That Rhymes With The Name of a Saints Player

Of my favorites this week...

- "Doll Clothes" Jason valiantly cooked Drew Brees Macaroni and Cheese. He doesn't cook. I'm thrilled to see him branch outside of his comfort zone.
- Jason "Spaces" brought Lance S'Moores Cupcakes - which was a hit at Dinner - and when I brought the remainders to my office Thursday.
- Angela and Russ (AKA my parents) brought Scott Fujita's fajitas.

Carlos and I presented dishes that rhymed with long-forgotten Saints players: Fred Whittingham's Ham and Navy Bean Soup, and Willie Roaf (pictured)'s Meat Loaf respectively.

Karlie won with her Deuce's Soups. She brought very tasty tomato and cucumber soups. She won a Huddler (pictured below) - a sports version of the "classic" Snuggie.

Based on everyone's votes, our next theme is Idioms. I am leaning toward "Pardon my French", but I'm not sure yet.

A few guests thought we should create a Wednesday Night Dinners Cook Book. Angela thought that "we could even use it as a fundraiser for some good cause....maybe the Food Bank, because it connects to food." That's a great idea. Around the end of year holidays, we're going to take a break from our Dinners. I'll compile all the recipes then. More details to follow.

I hope if you follow my blog here, you'll be interested in purchasing our cookbook!

Stay tuned and...Bon Appétit!

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jason said...

I was talking about Karlie's soup the other night. It was great.

But...hmm....I'm still thinking about idioms. I think I've just about thought of them all.