Friday, August 20, 2010

Theme Dinners - Season 1, Week 1

As I mentioned here, the theme for our first Wednesday Night Dinners was Cold Food. We had 11 people, with everyone voting on their favorites. The winners this week were:
Chocolate Cheesecake (40 points) - Jason
Corn Dip (38 points) - Julie
Muffuletta (34 points) - Me
Chocolate Tart (25 points) - Carlos

I am glad that the ones who actually made food, as opposed to buying food, were rewarded. Our theme next time (Wednesday, September 1) is Vegetarian. It'll be interesting to see who makes what dishes. Stay tuned. Until then...Bon Appétit!

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"Just David!" said...

found you via jason, what a great idea!! i may have to do that here!