Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Theme Dinners...Back Again

Carlos and I are starting up our Wednesday Night Dinners again.

I'll host it - every other Wednesday. (Every Wednesday seemed like too often; once a month seemed like not enough.)

This time, instead of Carlos and me cooking everything, we're setting a theme, inviting our friends and family, and seeing what happens. We don’t, however, want to over plan this. That is, if we end up with three desserts and no main course, so be it. During dinner, we will discuss the theme for the next dinner.

Our First Week Theme is Cold Food (because it's so damn hot outside) with 10 total people attending. It'll be tight in my 950 square foot house, but I feel that adds to the enjoyment.

We will also be awarding prizes for first, second, and third favorite contribution - based on everyone's vote. (Guests cannot vote for themselves.)

After tomorrow night, I'll update you on everyone's contribution, the best recipes, and the events of the evening.

We're back to...Bon Appétit!

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