Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Morning Menu

For the past few years, Carlos and I have hosted Christmas Morning Breakfast - where we eat, drink and exchange presents, before heading off to the get together with our extended family. (This year, we have 36 attending.)

I thought I'd share this year's menu.

To Drink:

To Eat:
Cinnamon Toast

I have seen many versions of the Grits and Grillades recipe. The one I have linked is Paula Deen's and is my favorite.


Julie said...

Good menu! Yay for multiple drinks! That sausage casserole looks so good! I have a suggestion for the cocoa - if you haven't bought candy canes yet, go to Dollar Tree and get the bags of powdery, melty peppermint sticks. They're a lot easier on the teeth and will melt really well once they hit the cocoa. Any time I bake anything with crushed peppermint, that's what I use.

We're about to go do our Christmas dinner shopping in the middle of the night to avoid the chaos. Jet lag rocks!

jason said...

My mother and I just had fried chicken at the Boomtown Casino...(boo)..but in my mind it was grillades and grits.