Friday, December 28, 2012

A List of Lists

Constant Readers - to borrow an expression from Stephen King - of my blog know that I love lists.

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Today, I was perusing some websites that I frequent when I realized that a few of them were sites about lists. Apparently, even the sites I visit are related to lists. That's how much I like lists.

Which brings me to today's topic: A listing of sites that I like that show lists or...

A List of Lists

Ultimate Classic Rock -
Featuring such lists as:
Top 10 Songs of 1977
Top 10 AC/DC Songs (we agree on three of the choices)
Top 100 Classic Rock Songs

11 Points -
featuring such lists as:
11 Studies That Prove Christmas and Science Mix Wonderfully
11 Wonderfully Misspelled Messages of Anger and Bigotry
11 Very Unfortunate Mistakes on TV News Graphics
11 Magazines with Surprisingly High or Low Circulations (and a bonus point for illustrating each magazine with a Sally Field cover)

Marc and Angel Hack Life -
featuring such lists as:
8 Things You Must Give Up To Find Peace
10 Lessons from 10 Quotes that Changed My Life
10 Things Your Friends Wish You Knew
10 Life Lessons People Learn Too Late

 Those are the ones for today. I'll have a Part II another day.

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jason said...

gee, who knew Sally Field was ever on the cover of Playgirl and Playboy both?