Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Sister's Christmas Party

Most years, my sister and her girlfriend have an epic Christmas party. There are 100 people in their house at the peak of the party, with probably 150+ people attending overall.

I am always in awe of the numbers. I can muster 10 or 15 people for a party at my house. Christine and Karlie pull from both their jobs, the New Orleans Lesbian Tennis League (not the actual name, but it might as well be), all our extended family - and their kids, all my friends, and on and on.

There was a special Kids Central set up where the 20+ kids hung out.

Christine and Karlie are the same couple that have twice now rented a 50 foot water slide for their back yard. When it comes to parties, they don't fool around.

This year, Christine (my sister) called me a few days ahead of the party, freaking out that "no one" was coming to her party. She reminded me of a Halloween party that we apparently held when she was 6 and I was 7 - and NO ONE came. Yes, NO ONE. We invited all the kids from school and from our neighborhood. We set out all the treats. We decorated our house. And NO ONE came.

I have no recollection of this event. But Christine is famous in our family for remembering everything. I'll have to verify this with my parents.

Their Christmas party was, of course, a great success. Wine flowed. Lesbians talked with doctors. Young kids talked with 92 year old women. And on and on.

Carlos's work party was the same night so he came by at 9 pm. Here is the email exchange after the party:

Carlos: Christine and Karlie,

Before things get even crazier with the holidays, I wanted to thank you for throwing your annual Christmas party. I had a blast. Look, when I get boozy enough to introduce myself to total strangers on their way out your front door, then you know I've had a great time!

I even remember Donna Moore! Furthermore, one of your guests and her children came caroling at my door at 9pm Sunday night! The party continues!

Thanks again, and please, please, please have it again next year.



Claudia (my younger sister): Carlos, you're funny:) Sorry we missed the fun!


Angela (my mom): Wait, wait, wait: I missed Carlos introducing himself to total strangers???!!!

...And don't you love your new neighborhood, Carlos, where people come caroling during the holidays? We need to join them next year.

This was really funny.

Thanks, Christine and Karlie also for a wonderful party.

It was fun to see everyone, Angela and Russ


Gotta love the holidays!

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