Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

A few years back, my sister Christine and her girlfriend Karlie took over the Mother's Day Crawfish Boil from Aunt Mary and Uncle Greg. As always, the crawfish and the company were perfect.

Carlos and I caught up with, among other people, my 41-year-old cousin Paul who is battling colon cancer, which has also somehow attached to his liver. He seems very upbeat about the whole thing - even though he is about a month into chemotherapy. We'll see. I think it'll turn out okay.

My parents were in Eldora, Iowa for my dad's cousin's wedding. My mom hated to miss Mother's Day, but she said 45+ years ago, when my parents first got together, that since my dad was willing to move to New Orleans for her, she would attend all his family events. (My dad grew up in Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale, Illinois - and his parents are from Iowa.) I bet the wedding was on a farm.

Christine and I were discussing the fact that mom wasn't at today's event.
ME: Did you call mom today? I called her right before I got to your house.
SIS: No, but I will right now. I sent her a Mother's Day card next day air so she'll get it tomorrow in Milwaukee, where they'll be.
ME: I bought her a card - and Carol Burnett's new autobiography, which I will leave on mom's coffee table for her to see when she returns.

Sibling rivalry never truly dies.

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jason said...

well, you win.
Carol Burnett trumps all, in my game book.