Thursday, May 13, 2010

Job Update

A quick update on my job.

I am the Manager of the Duplicating & Graphics Department at one of the universities here in New Orleans. Our department handles the copying, printing, graphics, and copy machines for the entire university, as well as some other associated departments around the city and the state. Think of us as an on-campus Kinko’s – with the addition of overseeing 120 copy machines around the campus/city/state.

I got a (sort of) promotion at work. I say “sort of” because my boss gave me more responsibility, but no more money.

I am now also Manager of the Warehouse and Delivery departments. The Warehouse orders and delivers (via many vendors) all the cleaning products used by every janitorial department on every campus (and it’s a shit load!). The Delivery department handles those deliveries, plus the deliveries for all other departments under our larger umbrella department (17 total).

The Manager who formerly handled Warehouse and Delivery is a good friend of mine so we are having an easy transition. It is still tough to take on all these new responsibilities, while still trying to maintain our current customers - and more importantly, increase our sales.

It’ll all work out, but for now it’s really stressful at work. [Sound of me popping open a third beer.]

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