Friday, June 27, 2008

Improv Everywhere: Best Game Ever

Improv Everywhere has come out with another brilliant mission - Best Game Ever.

"What we are going to do today is that we picked a random little league game that is taking place here in Hermosa Beach, California and we are going to turn this little league game played by 10 year olds into a major league baseball game."

My favorite part is when the Goodyear blimp arrives!


In case you missed them, here is a list of my favorite past missions by Improv Everywhere:

Frozen Grand Central - 207 Improv Everywhere Agents suddenly come to a halt in Grand Central Station for 5 minutes - and then resume as if nothing happened.

Best Buy - Almost 100 people identically dressed as Best Buy employees (royal blue shirt, khaki pants, black shoes) enter a Best Buy at the exact same time, pretending to be surprised that anyone else is dressed as they are.

Even Better Than The Real Thing - Improv Everywhere pretending to be U2 holding a free rooftop concert - as U2 did for their "Where The Streets Have No Name" video, which was an homage to the ending of The Beatles's Let It Be movie.

The Moebius - The description from the Improv Everywhere site: "Seven undercover agents meticulously repeated a five-minute slice of time for twelve consecutive repetitions. Starbucks employees and patrons were frightened, confused, and ultimately entertained as they found themselves stuck, without escape, in the middle of a time loop." The YouTube video.

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jason said...

That was kind of sweet for those kids, actually. I'm sure they'll never forget it.
Nice to see a "nice" "practical joke."