Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pet Names

Posted today from my friend Don in one of our Yahoo groups: I made an addition to my family today. I adopted an adorable solid white shorthaired kitten who has one blue eye and one gold eye. I need a cool name for him.

My reply: Well, the only pet I've ever owned was a cat in college. My roommate found him at the edge of a road and a sidewalk. We named him in the honor of the location. His official name was Pedestrian Crossing, but everyone always called him Ped for short.

If I ever get another cat, I'll name him Ped II.


Silly Monkey said...

I misread at first and thought YOU just got a kitten. I nearly fell out of my chair!

jason said...

One blue and one gold?
Kinda like David Bowie?

How about "Bowie"...or Ziggy...or just plain Dave? :)

Like you say, long names inevitably get cut down anyway, don't they?