Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Past Comes Back

Tonight, my friend (of 20+ years from high school) Peggy was in town from Seattle with her husband Brendan. She wanted to come home to celebrate her 40th birthday.

After a small party at her parent’s house, they were scheduled to go to Rivershack, a local bar. Carlos and I headed over there about an hour after they arrived. He and I didn’t immediately see Peggy, but did see Karen (another 20+ year from high school friend) and talked with her. As Carlos kept talking, I went to the bar to get us drinks. In front of me was someone that looked really similar to Teddy Geiger but a bit older. For those who have never heard of him, see the picture on the left. I thought he was cute and I told Carlos so. He remarked that he had noticed the same guy a bit earlier and thought the same thing.

Time passed and we finally ran into Peggy. She told us that her son, Dustin, from her first marriage, who she had when she was 19 and I haven’t seen since he was 5 – and who is now 21 - was in the bar.

I think you can guess the end of the story.


jason said...

Is this the friend who was looking for an apartment?
I'm guessing she found one.

and getting old is well...ahem.

Marshall said...

No. That friend lives in Baton Rouge. This one, Peggy, was just visiting for a few days.

Silly Monkey said...

My oldest cousin was born when I was 20. Everytime I see him and his siblings, I think about how I could be their father. He'll be 14 in January, and that totally freaks me out.

However, he's not old enough to go to a bar. LOL. I'm so sorry, Marshall. That really sucks.

Tedd Geiger (no, I've never heard of him) is gorgeous.