Friday, September 16, 2011

Theme Dinners - Season 3

Our Theme Dinners have started up again.

Season 1 was Fall 2010. Season 2 was Spring 2011. After this Season - Fall 2011 - I think we're only going to have them in the Fall. Spring is just too busy here in New Orleans.

Or we may end after Season 3. We'll see how this Season goes. Like any good "show"that ends with everyone wanting more - think M.A.S.H., Seinfeld, Mary Tyler Moore - we want to end on a high instead of limping to an embarrassing end - think Mad About You, Scrubs, Laverne & Shirley.

To recap, here have been ALL the Themes we have used so far...

Season 1 -
Episode 1: Cold Food
Episode 2: Vegetarian
Episode 3: Dish Rhymes with a Saints Player’s Name
Episode 4: Idioms (e.g. “Spill the Beans”, “Couch Potato”, “Sour Grapes”, “Cut the Cheese”, and so on)
Episode 5: Dish Based On Your Fantasy Place to Live
Episode 6 – Part 1 of 3: Appetizers Only
Episode 6 – Part 2 of 3: Dish Rhymes with the Name of a Celebrity
Episode 6 – Part 3 of 3: Food Must Be on a Stick

Season 2 -
Episode 1: Healthy Food
Episode 2: Dish That Reminds You of a Favorite Movie
Episode 3: In Honor of Valentine’s Day, The Dish You Love The Most
Episode 4: Mardi Gras Food (Purple, Green, Gold, or Parade Food)
Episode 5: Jeopardy (Each person picks a theme from a hat, but does not reveal. The night of our dinner, everyone tries to guess the themes.)

Season 3 -
Episode 1: Let Them Eat Cake


Since Season 3, Episode 1 is fresh in my mind - because we met this past Wednesday - here is a list of dishes presented:

Christine - Tofu Cakes with Jicama Relish
Greg – Crab Cakes
Jason K. – Petit Fours on a really cute tiered platter. He named the presentation “Babette”.
Jason S. – Angel Hair Pasta with Crab Cakes & Marzipan Cake (though that may not be correct) (first place for both dishes)
Julie – British Fish Cakes and Chips with little British forks
Marshall – Potato Pancakes (third place)
Mary – Recession Cake (second place)


A few people have dropped out this season. I am working on recruiting some fresh members. Everyone seems to be having fun, but we need a couple of dynamic personalities to lubricate the evening. I get nervous hosting any event. When I get nervous, I get quiet.

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jason said...

yeah, without your parents it sure is quiet :)
Something tells me it won't be for long, however.

thanks as always for the fun time!
looking forward to Mary's recession cake recipe, btw.