Friday, July 01, 2011

Austin: The Mixed CD

Carlos and I are driving to Austin next weekend. I recommended that we bring some music to pass the driving time. I recommended that we each throw out suggestions for themes of three mixed CD's. Then have each of us create playlists based on the suggestions. Besides the listening pleasure, I thought that our contrasting approaches to the themes would be intriguing.

For the math impaired: That's 12 CD's. Austin is 8.5 hours from New Orleans.

I gave Carlos my three themes tonight:
Dance Music
Music From Movies

He told me earlier this week that he is working on his themes - and that the first two were easy (as were mine) and that he would send all three by late tonight.

Updates to our project as they evolve.

Austin, here we come!

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jason said...

Have fun! I've always wanted to go to Austin. It's a great music city, but you know that.