Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best Drummer Ever?

At last night's Rush show, there was some discussion about Neil Peart being the Best Drummer Ever.

Back in high school, I played along with Neil Peart in my bedroom with my drum sticks (uh, my dad's screw drivers), dreaming of making a living as a drummer. I also drummed along with John Bonham, Keith Moon, Sib Hashian, Carl Palmer and others.

Through the years, I have had two friends who actually made their livings as drummers in bands.

Marc, whose band put out two CD's here in New Orleans in the early 1990's, played with the same tree-trunk drum sticks that John Bonham preferred and - at least to my ear - tried to emulate his sound.

Kyle, who is the only person that I know personally that has a Wikipedia entry (sorry, no link, I try to keep this blog a bit anonymous), was the third drummer for a still-successful New Orleans rock band. He even played on one of their best-known hits. When he's drumming, he looks and sounds like Keith Moon. His all-time favorite drummer, however, is Ringo Starr.

My point is that Neil Peart is a great drummer, but the title of Best Drummer Ever depends of one's taste.

Who is your all-time favorite drummer?

Incidentally, my all-time favorite drummer is Don Henley...

Eagles - Hotel California by hushhush112


jason said...

Ummm...Karen Carpenter? :)

Aaaaanyway, ironically, but a few hours ago I was listening to an interview on the radio with none other than this Neil Peart guy, talking about Rush.
And now I'm here reading this.

Breezy said...

Rick Allen from Def Leppard for being able to do what he does with just one hand. Awesome!

Trashmaster46 said...

Gene Krupa. Oh, and Rick Allen is pretty good too. ;)