Friday, April 29, 2011

Music Challenge: Producers

Carlos and I were talking a few weeks ago about prominent record producers.

Among the ones we brought up in the conversation were:
Shep Pettibone
Mutt Lange
Todd Rundgren
Nile Rodgers

He offered me a challenge -
Create a mixed CD of your favorite producer's product. I agreed and figured that he'd pick Shep Pettibone, since he'd produced many of Madonna's singles - who Carlos loves though he is definitely "NOT DEFINED BY MADONNA".

He picked Nile Rodgers.

I picked Todd Rundgren. After some research, I have found that Todd Rundgren has produced 58 albums including some of my favorites, and the reasons I picked him:

Badfinger - Ass (though only two of the songs)

Grand Funk Railroad - Shinin' On

XTC - Skylarking (great album!)

Badfinger - Straight Up (One of his best producing efforts)


Once Carlos and I both present our compilations to each other, I'll post them here.

How about you:
Do you follow certain producers? Who are your favorite producers? Do you feel (strong) record producers shape a band?

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