Sunday, August 08, 2010

House Owning

Carlos is in the process of buying his first house. He has found a house and has gone through inspections. He should have ownership by the end of August.

Carlos, Jason and Julie were over last night. I have been having issues with my toilet. (The back water tank overflows at times; all the parts in the tank need to be replaced.) The toilet overflowed twice while everyone was over. Very frustrating.

Recently, my cable box went out and had to be replaced. The cable guy unhooked all my extra (read: non-Cox Cable) items - including my Wii. Since then, I hadn't figured out how to use my Wii, including watching instant Netflix movies on my TV via the Wii and my wireless router. (Getting all those items to work initially was a four hour process.)

So last night, I was warning Carlos about the perils of home ownership. Tonight, I called him and told him the good things: It took me about 90 minutes, including many breaks to calm my frustration and three trips to Home Depot to purchase the correct tools, but I fixed my toilet. With that done, I tackled my Wii - and fixed that too!

I told Carlos that one of the best things about home ownership is the sense of satisfaction of completing house projects that you didn't think you have the skills to accomplish.

Now I'm maybe ready to rip out and replace my bathroom sink. Stay tuned.


jason said...

How great it must be to have someone to spend 90 minutes calming you about *anything*.
How nice would that be?

That's all I can think of.

That's the best part of the story to me.

Breezy said...

The commode works better than ever.