Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Season's Tough DVR Choices

At the beginning of every TV season, I face tough choices. My DVR will record two and only two shows at once. Three times during the week, I have at least three TV shows that I'd like to record on at the exact same time.

Here are my choices and my decisions.

Wednesdays at 8 pm Choices:
Criminal Minds (CBS)
Glee (Fox)
Modern Family (ABC)

Decision: I would love to support Modern Family because it has a gay couple, but Glee is even more gay than Modern Family so I also want to support that show. As far as Criminal Minds, that's a must see. I have decided to DVR the first two and watch Modern Family via ABC's web site.

Thursdays at 7 pm Choices:
Survivor (CBS)
FlashForward (ABC)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
Bones (Fox)

Decision: Survivor is a must see. Bones is definitely the least of the four. That leaves FlashForward and The Vampire Diaries. I sampled episode two of The Vampire Diaries the week before FlashForward debuted. It's interesting only for the shirtless scenes of Ian Somerhalder, which I can find online. I have decided to DVR Survivor and FlashForward.

Sundays at 7 pm Choices:
Jonas (Disney)
Criminal Minds - repeat of earlier episodes (A&E)
The Amazing Race (CBS)

Decision: This is an easy choice. Jonas is immediately out. That leaves the other two shows. Done.


What would you do? Do you have any similar dilemmas?


jason said...

hmmm...I can honestly say I don't have that kind of dilemma :)

Silly Monkey said...

I have two DVR's, so this is not an issue with me.

I thought you told me you could record two and watch one at the same time? Of course, that doesn't help when you want to watch four shows at once.

You can always catch the reruns of a few of the shows.

Marshall said...

I can record two shows and watch one already-saved DVR show. I can't watch a live show.

I thought about getting a DVR on my second TV - in the bedroom - but that just seems obsessive.