Friday, September 04, 2009

Paolo Nutini

What I said about Paolo Nutini to my friends when I discovered him around March 2008:

I wanted to share with y'all my new discovery - still up and coming artist Paolo Nutini.

He's cute - and at times he sounds (a bit) like Jeff Buckley, though he doesn't have the upper range.

He's had two US hits so far:
Last Request
New Shoes

I think he's much better live.

Here's a live version of his song Million Faces.
Here's his live version of Amy Winehouse's song Rehab.
Here's his live version of the song Cry Me A River.

Here's his Wikipedia page.


I still like his music, but here is what I said at the Ticketmaster website, which emailed me this morning to get my opinion of last night's concert that Jason, Carlos and I went to at the House of Blues:

1 star (out of 5)

Paolo Nutini went on at 9:15 and finished his show - including one encore - by 10:15. Not once did he even look at the audience or try to engage us. I was really hoping he would play some cover songs, as I have heard via bootleg recordings, but he didn't play any. He has two full length CD's and at least one live one. He could have played much longer than an hour. I hyped this show to my friends all week, but was very disappointed. Maybe he had an off night. Maybe he really is this bad live.

Opening Act: Anya Marina - Maybe better than Paolo Nutini. Definitely engaged the audience much better.


Or maybe he was drunk, as Carlos suspected.

I'll keep buying and listening to his music, but I think I'll skip his live shows in the future.

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jason said...

I enjoyed it!
I was listening to some of his stuff just today in fact.