Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Recent Emails

I have had two interesting emails exchanges recently that I wanted to share.


#1 -

Bobby (an online acquaintance of mine):

I need your opinion on something. I've been talking to this guy and he sent me the following pics of himself. I told him that they look like a model and professionally done. His response was that he has a friend that take modeling pictures and took these for him. I want to believe him but I've been burned so many times that I don't trust easily anymore. Can you take a look at these pictures and let me know what you think? Have you seen these on the net anywhere?

Here are the pictures he sent with his email, with the files named RANDY1 through RANDY4.

My response:

You're being burned again!

That's definitely a professional model. His name is Kerry Degman. Do a google search and you'll see. Sorry, Bobby.

Why are some people so deceptive!


#2 -

John is a friend of mine from here in New Orleans. He moved out of town in 2005, but we still keep in touch. I came out to him about 4 years after we met.


I've personally tasked myself with wondering about the people I consider myself to have connections with and asking them what I've always wanted to ask - honestly, sincerely, and without censorship. So, here's your question.

I've always felt like I betrayed you upon my discovering that you were gay. Chalk it up to being young, unexposed, or whatever. I'm not here to make excuses for that or anything so bravado. I just want to know if you felt the same way? Apologies likely to follow.

My response:

Betrayed? I never thought that.

I could, however, tell you were definitely "unexposed" to The Gays (as my mom calls them), but your reaction - both your initial one and your ongoing one - was fine. From my point of view, you said, "Eh. So what?", treating it like a non issue and moving on. That's the reaction I was hoping for.

By the way, I came out to my parents in June 2008 - and now my entire family knows. They have all met Carlos and really like him.

I think he was either drinking when he wrote the email (because he gets "deep" when drinking) or he's stopped drinking and working his way through the 12 Steps of AA. I haven't heard back from him yet.


jason said...

number 1: if you're asking, you know. I mean really.

number 2: "betrayed" how? I guess it's in his own mind somehow. Sometimes when people seem to be ok with things, there's a lot going on inside we can't see, I guess.

Silly Monkey said...

What's the sense in "meeting" someone online and lying about yourself? I guess you never plan to meet the other person and just want to hurt them? So stupid! And so common. And the people who do that have very little self-esteem.

I like Deep John. I imagine he's carried around some guilt all these years about the way he acted (or his perceptions of the way he acted) when you told him.

Your parents like Carlos? Why? He's an ass. ;)