Friday, March 27, 2009

Guilty Pleasure I: Nights on Broadway

The first in a series: Guilty Pleasures.

I have always liked the Bee Gees, and their song Nights on Broadway has always been my favorite of theirs. I think because Robin Gibb is my favorite in the group, and this is one of the few songs that he gets to sing lead vocals. (He's the one in the middle. Barry, on the right, is the main lead singer. Maurice was the backup support. He died in 2003, resulting in the remaining brothers saying that they'd never "perform as the Bee Gees again".)

Here is the best (and earliest) version of the song that I have found:


jason said...

Ah...a not so guilty pleasure of mine too

(And come to think of it Jeff down there can hit the high notes too.)

Trixie said...

Oh, I love them too. Of course, I love Bread, Barry Manilow and Air Supply as well. I'm a nerd.