Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Quotes

I spent five days in Atlanta for Thanksgiving, driving there with my sister Christine and her girlfriend Karlie.

Carlos stayed in New Orleans. (Melissa and Steve were in town.)

Here’s a snapshot of my trip via quotes.

“Karlie says that nothing goes in the back seat except for her.” Christine (the spokesperson for their relationship) to Carlos and me as we smashed my luggage in the trunk, while observing Karlie lounging in the back seat.

“That’s nothing but static. Please turn that off.”
Karlie, expressing her feelings about what I was listening to on the radio as I was driving us back to New Orleans.

“You’re welcome to ride with me, but I’m not riding with y’all ever again. Your car has too many rules.” A future quote, whenever Karlie and Christine ask me to ride with them ever again.

“Go away, okay?” Eden, my niece (my sister Claudia’s two and a half year old daughter), carefully explaining to me that she doesn’t want me to be around her. She usually takes about three days to warm up to me. Then she and I bond.

“They have to let me in. I’m a Gay Breeder.” My parents live in Faubourg Marigny, an area of New Orleans that has the largest gay population in the city. My mom loves to swim. The closest swimming pool is a health club two blocks away, usually overrun by nude gay men. That doesn’t bother my mom at all, but my dad figures that they (“The Gays”) will be uncomfortable with my mom being there. My mom responded that she would have to play The Gay Card: “….I must be: two of my three kids are gay.”

Best Quote Ever.


jason said...

I just love your mother.

I'm a bit afraid of her, of course, but I love her just the same.

Improvedliving said...

I am also afraid of her . But she is good.

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Improvedliving said...

Jason i also afraid of her mother.

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