Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Gustav III - Board Games at Night

Most nights while on evacucation in Atlanta, the six of us – my sister, her husband, my parents, Carlos and I – played board games after the two kids (3 and 2 years old) went to sleep.

Over the nights, we played Loaded Questions, Taboo, Imaginiff, and Scattergories. All four were great fun.

Some highlights:

- For Taboo, I suggested the three teams be the three couples. (Awww. How cute.) Oh, I came out to my parents about a month ago. More details on that in another post.

The word to get to was “Disease”.
Mom (giving the clues, after quite a bit of time to get to this point): Sick very bad
Dad: Fatal Disease
Mom: Half of that.
Dad: Fatal
Mom: The other half.
Dad: Illness

From Loaded Questions –
Name the most famous person you have ever met?
Sister: Darius Rucker
Dad: Edwin Edwards
Mom: Patricia Clarkson
Carlos: Fred Travelina

I’ll let you look up those people on your own.

What is the first thing you notice when you initially meet a person?
Sister: Teeth
Dad: Smile
Carlos: Teeth
Me: Teeth
Mom (who was guessing the answers): “I guess I should brush more. I thought everyone would say eyes.”

If you would write a book, what would be the subject?
Carlos: My Life
Me: My childhood
Mom: Me
Dad: A Biography


jason said...

"in another post"?
Oooo....a cliffhanger!!!!

(I love your father's answers by the way.)

Breezy said...

He didn't include when his dad made the word stamina an adjective.

Silly Monkey said...

O! M! G! Are you kidding me? Coming out to your parents is just some little aside in a blog post?

Come on, Marshall! This is big, big news! Why are you waiting so long to tell your friends? You're lucky it's 11:30 at night or I'd be calling your ass!

“I guess I should brush more" is priceless. No wonder you guys weren't that enthusiastic about playing games this weekend. You're all played out.

nolageek said...

I just re-read this post and must not have noticed that tid-bit of "Coming Out" info the first time.

I demand details! :)

Marshall said...

Details in my next post. I promise.