Friday, June 13, 2008

Out On The Tiles

A few Saturdays ago, I went to a 40th birthday party of some friends that I have known for over 25 years. I thought it would be interesting to tell the story of the night by describing the people I encountered.

It was her birthday party. I hadn't seen her in about 10 years. She and I dated for a while in high school. (Yes, I was gay then too.) A few days after the birthday party, she emailed me: "I have only loved 3 men in my life and you were the first." She is now married with three kids. Her husband is currently stationed in Iraq.

She was the co-birthday girl. Besides Sue and Meg, there were around 10 other girls in their group. Back in high school, their group and my group (totaling about 15) would all hang out together - intermingling and interdating. Whenever I had a party at my house, I would call one of them and it would instantly double the amount of party guests attending. (They always traveled in packs.)

One of the girls in their group. I hadn't seen her since high school (1985). Back then, she was dating my friend Scott. Scott and I would often double date with Anne and Sue. And then go home and sleep with each other. He and I were together for about a year and a half, longer than he was with Anne.

He wasn't at the party. He is married with a kid and living in San Francisco. He met his wife about 10 years ago when he was living in Key West, Florida. I still don't know if back in high school he was just experimenting, or he's deep in the closet now. He and I don't discuss our history.

The girl I lost my virginity to. I hadn't seen her since that night! I must have been 16 because I had gotten my driver's license two months prior. Back then, all the Uptown New Orleans kids would hang out at the back of Audubon Park at a spot we called The Fly. (There is a huge concrete building near the edge of the Mississippi River that resembled a Butterfly.) Every Friday and Saturday night, there were hundreds of people there. No one over 19. Everyone would park their cars, turn up their stereos, pull out their alcohol, and just hang out.

The particular night with Pegeen, Scott picked up some girl. (I don't remember who.) I picked up Pegeen. As the four of us were heading from The Fly to go off to some impromptu party, drinking and weaving through the Uptown streets, Pegeen decided to go down on me. I was driving. My first blowjob. I almost wrecked my car! I remember Scott and the girl in the back seat stopping their make out session to inquire where Pegeen's head had gone and why I was smiling. Once they figured it out, they laughed so hard that neither of them was interested in their own make out session, but started rooting Pegeen and me on. Pegeen didn't seem to notice.

The four of us made it to the party and Pegeen pulled me into a room to the side. Apparently she was drunk and horny because, without hesitation, she pulled down my pants in unison with hers and pulled me on top of her. Less than 10 minutes later, we were done.

We all hung out for a while drinking beer until Scott and I decided to leave. Pegeen and Scott's girl stayed at the party.

Scott slept over at my house that night as usual.


My second most memorable blow job: In a graveyard, right next to a gravestone, in Leesville, Louisiana - by the sister of a guy I had a crush on.

But I'll save the details of that story for another post.



jason said...

Best post *ever* :)

But seriously, how pathetic do I feel about my own adolescence now?
Well, even moreso.

And how'd the reunion with Pegeen go?

Marshall said...

She and I hadn't crossed paths since that night 25+ years ago so she barely remembered me. I guess that night wasn't as memorable for her. Maybe it wasn't her first time.

Breezy said...

Goodness! I was at home watching The Cosby Show and The Golden Girls. I led a sheltered life. *sigh*

Silly Monkey said...

So do any of them know that you are gay? I'll bet Pegeen remembers you. She's just embarrassed or something.