Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Last Mix

Music has always been a huge part of my life.

I have been making mixed tapes (now mixed CD's) since high school. I always give them titles - Dance Til Dawn, Cruisin' 92, Birdman's Best Unplugged, Sykotic Runner, Reinventing The Lake. The reason behind the titles and the songs picked specifically for the compilation could each fill a blog entry.

Over 90% of the compilations have been for myself. I use mixed CD's to express whatever I'm feeling at that time.

The rest I give away to friends, never keeping a copy.

I have made literally hundreds of them.

There is one mixed CD that I have been working on since 1993 called The Last Mix. My only criteria for entry is if I say "Oh My God. That is the best song I have ever heard in my entire life. Ever."

I then add that song to the mix.

I have promised myself that 1) once a song has been added it can not be deleted, and 2) the day that I fill up that compilation, I will never make a mixed CD again.

From 1993 to the present, I have added 10 songs to that compilation. This afternoon, I am adding an 11th song.

It's a 1995 song by the Jayhawks called Blue. I knew the song back then, but heard it again recently and realized how much I still loved it.

Here's the song - audio only:

If you're wondering what the first 10 songs in The Last Mix are, you'll have to wait. The compilation is less than half filled. I'll publish the details once it's done.


Breezy said...

Well, I don't want you to complete the compilation because that'll mean you won't make another mix CD again. :-(

jason said...

the last mix...goodness that sound ominous.
Nice song...almost sounds like it's from about 1969 or so, not 1995.

Marshall said...

I feel the song is great because it's deceptively simple sounding. The harmony is tough!

Via YouTube, I found quite a few valiant efforts in recreating this song, but there was only one that came even close - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAKukottUEI .

Stuart said...

LOVE that song!!

While my knowledge of music pales in comparison, I too have been in the habit of making mixed tapes, then CDs for a while. Usually giving them away, so each is unique.

This Jayhawks song happens to be on a list of songs that I pull from now and again when making a playlist. My goal is to include mostly new songs when I start out, but I find myself compelled to place one, maybe two, gems from the past. Funny.

Marshall said...

I do the same thing, Stuart. Other artists I pull from include Matthew Sweet, and Matthew Penn, Badfinger.