Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun with Remodeling

I have lived in my current house since 2000. I was renting it from my sister and her girlfriend until they decided to sell it to me in 2006.

The house is only 750 square feet so upkeep is easy, but I have wanted to do remodeling work on it for awhile. I made a game out of the process. (I can hear Carlos now: "Of course you did.") I wrote down the names of all the areas of my house, including the outside, on small pieces of paper and placed them in a bowl. Picking a random area, I would work on that area until totally done and then move on to the next.

The first area I picked was the bathroom. Jason, Carlos and I stripped the old wallpaper and painted it. We also picked out new linens from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Months later, after my plumbing problems, I got stalled on the tile work and updating the sink.

I couldn't find anyone to do the work so I was stuck - and frustrated. To make me feel better, I bought myself a gift – a CD rack.

I pulled out all the shelves in my office holding the CD's, ready to move them to the new rack.

Then I thought that since most of the furniture was pulled out of the room, I should just pull out all the rest and rearrange the room.

Then I thought that since all the furniture was pulled out of the room, this would be a good time to paint the walls.

Then I thought that since it’s rarely used I should throw away the twin bed in my office.

Then I thought that since I now had so much extra space I should get an overstuffed chair and a new larger desk.

Then I thought that as long as I was painting the walls, I should get new carpet for the office. The person at Home Depot told me that the $199 installation charge was for any amount of carpet. Instead of paying that again when I replace my bedroom carpet, as I was planning on doing this summer, I thought that I should have that carpet replaced also.

Then I thought since I am getting new carpet in the bedroom, I thought that I really should repaint those walls too. (I am thinking a light yellow. I'm going this weekend to pick out a color. I hope to have the bedroom painted by the end of this weekend. It's a three-day weekend because Monday is Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday and so we're off work.)

And all that started because I bought a CD rack.

Once all this is completed, I’ll post before and after pictures.


Ella said...

We are practically "kissing cousins." I grew up in Pensacola, FL. Ivan hit them hard, by Katrine hit LA took it very badly. I hope you guys are doing better. Many friends in LA.



Silly Monkey said...

I thought that photo was of your actual CD rack, and I thought you did a terrific job with the display! :)

OMG, I SO love that you made a game out of it! I need to do that, too! I get so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done--and everything that I WANT to be done.

I can't wait to see photos. Better yet, I can't until Game Night when we can all see it in person.

jason said...

That's how it is.

You're looking at a dust bunny on the floor one day, and next thing you're thinking, "hmmmm...I need a new roof."