Saturday, November 03, 2007

Photos From Paris

I took almost 800 pictures while in France. Here are some of the pictures I took while Carlos and Debbie were in Paris with me.(They were with me for 9 days. I was in France a total of 22 days.)


jason said...

"more" detailed?

I can't imagine how.


Silly Monkey said...

Nice! I wish they hadn't gone by so quickly though. But I guess with 800 pictures, if they had been slower, it would take forever to see them. But there are many that I'd like to look at longer.

Debbie looked like she fit right in there with her skirt and beret.

And did she sleep a lot? LOL.

Glad you made it back okay, Marshall. How are you feeling?

Marshall said...

That was only a bit over 200 of the pictures. I thought I'd start with those. I'll upload all my pictures - in sets - to Shutterfly soon.

Carlos and Debbie are both going to give me a copy of all their pictures on a CD. Once I get those, and give them a copy of all my pictures, we'll all have over 2000 pictures each.

Marshall said...

I'm still on France time, but I'm slowly reajusting. Friday morning I woke up at 2 am (8 am France time) and couldn't go back to sleep. I got up, did some laundry, ate breakfast, took a shower, and was at Wal-Mart for 6 am. Then at work - my first day back - by 7 am.

Last night (Saturday), I fell asleep at 6 pm, to the annoyance of Carlos, whom I promised I would fix dinner for. He came over at 7 pm and I was still asleep. I slept through the night and woke up at 4 am. I've been up since. (It's 6:45 am as I type this.) Carlos is asleep.

Breezy said...

I wasn't annoyed. I just had an expectation of you being lucid. It's all good though. I had a few of those days when I got back too.

It's funny how you don't think your body is thrown off by the time change, but it really is. Inexplicable.

jason said...

gosh, wonder what daylight savings time will do for you too.

Silly Monkey said...

Like Jason mentioned, even just an hour's difference can throw you for a loop.

Canyon has been getting me up at 5:30. Of course, with daylight savings, now it's 4:30! :P

So I can't imagine how you guys are dealing with. . .what, 12(?) hours worth of change.