Monday, August 06, 2007

Winn-Dixie Sucks!

I got into a small "discussion" with a Winn-Dixie cashier today. I decided to complain via their web site. After filling out the store information, this is what I wrote:

The above Winn-Dixie location is the most convenient grocery store to my house. Even though almost every time I have to deal with a surly casher, I have been going there for over 15 years.

After today, I am done with your store and your company. The cashier working Register 7 at 5:15 pm today (8/6/07) saw that there were two of us in line. Apparently that didn't dissuade her from turning off her light and immediately announcing that she was closed. Because there was only ONE OTHER line open, besides the two 5-10 items or less lines, there was no place for us two customers to go.

This is just not acceptable. I am tired of being treated like an inconvenience instead of a customer at your stores. I hope you fire this cashier and seriously rethink your hiring and training practices.

You have lost another customer to Wal-Mart.

Thanks for your time.

I hope that bitch gets fired!


jason said...

Good for you!
I hope they take it seriously. I mean, reallym, for every one letter that's actually written, imagine how many other customers feel just as you do.

Breezy said...

I'm proud of everything you did. That Winn-Dixie sucks. Is Winn-Dixie on the *list* now?

Marshall said...

Yes. The list of places Carlos and I will never shop at again are:
1. Arby's
2. Winn-Dixie
3. That bookstore in the French Quarter that shortchanged Carlos and gave me too much change.

Did I miss any, Breezy?

jason said...

Well, Arby's, at least, has long been on my list too...

Any word back from WD?

Silly Monkey said...

Customer service is non-existent these days (boy, I sound old). Face it, we ARE an inconvenience to these kids that check us out at stores. They don't seem to understand that without us, they wouldn't have jobs!

fletch said...

not evil Wal-Mart !!!! You think they have any customer service abilities ?

mc51 said...

look if you work in winndixie you will know that custumers treat you like shit and the only thing that they want is to get their way. so i tierd of a of you bitching ecause unless you know how bad people treat you beause you work in a winndixie you can really
shove those words up ass

remember we can sue you for lossing our jobs

Marshall said...

Maybe you should take your paycheck and enroll in some English classes.

No one will ever take you seriously if you write like you currently do.

Angelicfufu33735 said...

I am a w/d employee. I work the office, the service desk and cashier. When a cashier turns off their light, its not a direct hit to you. You have no idea why she turned off her light. She couldv'e had to go to the bathroom, or she could have been off at 5 and was just now leaving. Sorry but we get yelled at for staying late because hours are tight. FYI you can go to the "10 Items of Less line" with as many groceries as you want if that situation arrises, it's just a sign to lead the the small orders in the busier part of the days. I can understand that pisses you off, it would probably piss me off too, but to say that she should be fired for doing something that she was most likely doing because a manager told her to is kinda extreme dont you think? And just a heads up to all customers, if there is only 1 or 2 lines open and its still early in the evening try not to bite the heads off the poor cashiers who actually showed up for work. Its because of those who didnt that its backed up.

daman_money said...

I worked at a Winn-Dixie for about 5 years total and ill say as a former employee they completely suck as a store and have very Young inexperienced management most have no higher then a GED that run there stores. They accept people with only a few college credits to be managers and it's who ever they can get in at the lowest pay rate not who produces. The crew managers are told managing is just giving orders not hands on. and there is no training involved. the company and it's associates treat people like they will just pick things up if they relay want to do them. There training process includes orientation and then waiting until you mess up and bitching at you for it. they pay really crappy and have the lowest top outs of all time currently. I was with this company for about 5 years total and rehired and had yearly raises and great reviews and now they refuse to give me a good reference and they tried to make lies up in Court in front of a judge in order to Deny me my unemployment. benefits they suck horribly as a company and will never be OK. and i do have a great idea about how things go there, people are treated like complete dirt employee's and then reflected on to the customer, it's a complete shit effect they have going on mostly because management is much to inexperienced. I was trained by one of the better older managers in my district from when the company was strong and let me tell you after seeing most of the rest of the company in my district i was disgusted at who they let become managers. Little kids for the most part that play around and text each other and swap nude pictures on mobile chat sites. Not only that they do there best to hire in there closest friends and girlfriends and so on. This is disgusting to me how you can date fellow employees. Also there standards suck most of the current managers in the district to which i worked took things from my knowledge and took the credit for it for such things as finding expired Good's and so on. Not only that they do not do randoms very often and i have been present when fellow managers walk in completely lit off of pot. one time i even walked in wile my department manager and the meat guy were snorting coke in the meat locker. I also had one boss that tried to sell me stolen goods car stereo and such . i asked upper management to check it out and they blew it off. the company sucks and will go down.