Friday, April 13, 2007

Top Ten Favorite Male Stars of All Time

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Maybe he starred in one of my favorite movies growing up (#9 and #6) or played a character that I could really relate to (#10, #8, #6, and #2), and I’ve followed his career ever since.

Maybe I love his acting (all of them, but especially #8, #7, #5, and #1).

Maybe his personal life fascinates me (#9, #5, #4, and #3).

Maybe I just think he’s one of the cutest actors around (uh, all of them).

Here are my Top Ten Favorite Male Actors of All Time.

One is dead (# 5).

One is currently over 65 (# 4).

One is only 22 (#7).

One was born on my birthday - March 31 (#6).

Two have virtually left acting (#9 and #4).

Two are gay (#9 and #4). Coincidence for above?

Peter Facinelli

Current Age: 34
My Favorite Movie of His: The Price of Love
Best Movie To See His Body: Foxfire


Steve Antin
Current Age: 48
My Favorite Movies of His: Inside Monkey Zetterland
and It’s My Party
Best Movie To See His Body: The Last American Virgin


Ethan Embry
Current Age: 28
My Favorite Movies of His: Empire Records
That Thing You Do
Can’t Hardly Wait which also stars #10!
Celeste in the City
Best Movies To See His Body: The TV show “Freakylinks”
and the movie White Squall


Kevin Zegers
Current Age: 22
My Favorite Movie of His: Time Share
(I’d also list Wrong Turn because I like the movie, but he’s killed off in the first 30 minutes. Oh, SPOILER.)
Best Movie To See His Body: Transamerica


William McNamara
Current Age: 42
My Favorite Movie of His: Doing Time on Maple Drive
Best Movie To See His Body: Chasers


River Phoenix
Age at Death: 23
My Favorite Movie of His: Stand By Me
Best Movie To See His Body: My Own Private Idaho


Tommy Kirk
Current Age: 66
My Favorite Movie of His: Swiss Family Robinson
Best Movies To See His Body: Village of the Giants
Bon Voyage!


Ryan Phillippe
Current Age: 33
My Favorite Movie of His: White Squall
Best Movies To See His Body:
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Cruel Intentions


Stephane Rideau
Current Age: 31
My Favorite Movie of His: Les Roseaux Sauvages (English Title: Wild Reeds)
Best Movies To See His Body:
Presque Rien (English Title: Come Undone)


James Duval
Current Age: 35
My Favorite Movies of His: Donnie Darko
Totally F***ed Up
Comic Book Villains
Best Movies To See His Body: May
The Doom Generation


jason said...

Cute post!

Is that really Tommy Kirk now?

He looks like a totally different person.
He looks like a movie star from the 1930's as an older man. strange.

My friend Danni met your number 10
I'd never heard of him....neither had she.

She just thought he was dreamy (she's a lesbian by the way) and had to call me a few minutes after meeting him to let me know.
I still don't think I've ever seen any film by him.

Marshall said...

Yea, that's really Tommy Kirk. Those pictures are almost 40 years apart.

Danni's a lucky girl. Peter Facinelli is not really well known. Where did she meet him?

Silly Monkey said...

Well, I've heard of River Phoenix. ;)

James Duval looks cute in that photo, but when I looked him up, he's not so hot.

That young photo of Tommy Kirk resembles Wil Wheaton a little.

Trixie said...

One of the reasons I like Marshall so much is that we both have a love of teenage movies.

Peter Facinelli isn't uber popular (and I often confuse him and Eric Bana), but he made a blip in my universe when I first saw him in Can't Hardly Wait. I also loved him in Riding in Cars with Boys. He's also married to Jennie Garth.

My life is so empty.

Robin77 said...

This is awesome: 6 of them are my favorites too.
Even more amazing is, that you know "The Price of Love", "Nowhere", "Doing Time On Maple Drive" "Empire Records" and so on - I thought nearly everybody has forgotten (or never known) these movies to exist.
I watched them over and over when I was about fifteen to eighteen or so - and I still love them.