Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Movie Maker

Debbie showed us a (quite cool) video collage of some pictures she took on her recent trip. I asked her which program she used - Windows Movie Maker. I've been messing around with that program and came up with this:


Silly Monkey said...

OMG! LOL! I love the last one! That's priceless!

How long did that take you? I know, from doing the 15-minute Island Madness one, that it's very time-consuming.

Ralph Macchio really hasn't changed much, has he?


Marshall said...

From compiling the pictures to finding the music to the finished product, it took me about two hours. It IS very time consuming!

Silly Monkey said...

Two hours isn't bad (although it's long enough). Just wait until you get into fade-ins and different music for different sections of the movie. You'll be up all night, glassy-eyed...but happy. ;)

Vincent said...

Nice. You should see some of the movies I've made.

On second thought, you shouldn't see any of the movies I've made.