Sunday, October 17, 2004

Survivor Metairie

Let me catch you up with my latest celebrity encounter. Here's the story from the beginning.

Last April, my friend Jason put together our own version of the TV show Survivor, calling it Survivor Metairie. Here's a link to some pictures from that day.

We videotaped the entire 10 hours. My friend Debbie - after six months of editing - put together a four-hour version for us to watch, complete with after-game interviews from each player. She hosted a party for all of us to see the video two Saturdays ago.

The previous day, Debbie's tenant Christine came by to see how Debbie had decorated for the party. Christine works at The Gap in Lakeside. Saturday afternoon, Lisa Keiffer and her husband Thomas came into the store to shop. Thomas mentioned to Christine that Lisa is a player on the current season of Survivor. (The show tapes months in advance.) Here's a link to Lisa's bio on the official CBS web site.

Christine said that Debbie was having a Survivor-themed party that night and they should stop by if they're in the area. Lisa and Thomas tried to call us that night, but Debbie didn't answer her phone because we were all busy watching our Survivor Metairie highlights. They decided to just pop in.

You have never seen a more funny sight than watching 14 Survivor fan's reactions when one of the people they watch weekly on TV walks into their party.

Lisa and Thomas ended up staying for three hours. Lisa answered all our questions about the show that she was not bound by her CBS contract to not answer, and then watched the remaining 30 minutes of our Survivor Metairie video with us.

She was having her own Survivor-watching party that next Thursday (October 14) and invited us all to her Mandeville home to watch the show with her. Debbie, Gina, Jason, and I went.

It was so much fun!

Lisa and Thomas had about 50 people there. Lisa introduced us to the entire room as "the people who I was telling you about. They put on their own version of Survivor and I went to their party last week." I have some pictures from that night too, but I have to get them developed.

Well, that's it for my latest celebrity encounter. For now. Pretty cool, huh?

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